Thursday, 9 May 2013

The final Embrace - Taslima Akhter

Following the tragic events in a textile factory 
in the capital of Bangladesh, 
which cost the lives of at least 700 underpaid textile workers,
photographer Taslima Akhter, 
found these two unidentified workers in the rubble, 
in an eternal final embrace.

Who were they?
Fellow workers?
Husband and wife?

Or just two 
of the 3,000 underpaid textile workers,
working up to 18 hours per day,
in a dangerous nine storey building 
without any decent working conditions.

In their last moments 
of horror and panic,
 complete unselfish compassion 
and basic human love, 
overcame everything else,
even in their tragic death.

Their ultimate painful sacrifice ...
for which they paid with their lives,
enables vain, affluent western women, men and children,
to enjoy their shopping trips to international success outlets 
of Mango and Primark, 
in huge air conditioned modern shopping centres 
of big European or American cities.

Impossible to contemplate or ignore this tragic image, 
without demanding better working conditions for factory workers
of great international brands,
operating in Bangladesh and India, 
in horrid labour conditions.

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